Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip 2002

  • Entry point: Moose River North thru Nina Moose to Agnes
  • Nights 1&2: Agnes Lake with daytrip thru Oyster to Rocky Lake on day 2 to view the pictographs
  • Nights 3,4,5: Iron Lake with daytrips up Peterson Bay and to Rebecca Falls
  • Night 6: Stuart Lake - big wind; big waves
  • Exit: Stuart River with lunch stop on White Feather

Photo Albums


  • Select Photos - The short version of the trip; the best of GCW's photographs.


  • Complete GCW Photo Set - This is a BUNCH of photographs. If you don't have broadband, even the thumbnail page can take a long time to load.


  • Daveís Set - The complete set of Dave's photos. Another big page.





Page updated December 27, 2002



Sunset on Agnes Lake