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CPC Hikers Newsletters from 1996 and 1997

"CPC Hikers" is what Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga calls its occasional organized outings. For about 20 months in 1996 and 1997, I led a series of hikes, and published a newsletter each month for folks who were interested. Time constraints and waning interest caused me to move on, but there has been a recent revival of "CPC Hikers" at Covenant Pres, with at least annual overnight Thanksgiving Holiday backpacking trips for the past three years. Here on these pages are the newsletters from 1996 and 1997 (or they'll be along eventually, anyway.).
Issue 1, February 1996
Our PurposeTo Glorify God
Our Next OutingJack's River Falls
PreparationDressing for winter hiking

Issue 2, March 1996
Our PurposeFellowship
Our Next OutingGee Creek Wilderness
PreparationHiking Stick

Issue 3, April 1996
Our PurposeServe each other
Our Next OutingTate Mountain
PreparationLessons Learned

Issue 4, May 1996
Lost Issue
Issue 5, June 1996
Our PurposePerseverance Pays
Our Next OutingNorth Chickamauga Pocket Wilderness
PreparationSummer Hiking

Issue 6, July 1996
Our PurposeWhat are you passionate about?
Our Next OutingJack's River Falls
PreparationWater Bottles/Filters

Issue 7, August 1996
Our PurposeScarab Beetles
Our Next OutingConasauga River Trail

Issue 8, September 1996
Our PurposeEnvironmental Conservation
Our Next OutingBluff Trail, Lookout Mountain
PreparationWinter Hiking

Issue 9, October 1996
Our PurposeEvolution
Our Next OutingStanding Indian Mountain

Issue 10, November 1996
Our PurposeMy grandson and Mixtec Indians
Our Next OutingCloudland Canyon State Park
PreparationSleeping pads/chairs

Issue 11, December 1996
Our PurposePride vs Encouragement
Our Next OutingSavage Gulf
PreparationWater Bottles/Filters

Issue 12, January 1997

Issue 13, February 1997

Issue 14, March 1997

Issue 15, April 1997

Issue 16, May 1997

Issue 17, June 1997

Issue 18, July 1997

Issue 19, August 1997

Issue 20, September 1997

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