Williamson Genealogy


Arba Williamson, Sr. set the stage for this genealogy by providing  a family tree on paper of William Williamson's descendants, as well as a narrative of the family history and "legend". I received a copy of Arba's genealogy in the early 1970's. I've been able to enhance Arba's record with information from the Internet, from letters and documents I've found, by visits to the Stow, Ohio Cemetery and several other area cemeteries, through personal interviews and emails with family members, and by exchange of parts of family genealogies with other family members.

Family Trees

Ruth Gaylord Williamson, photo to right, is the intersect of the Williamson and Gaylord lineage. Below Ruth’s picture are links to descendants in those lines thru me - to my grandchildren in the William Williamson link, and to Ruth's generation in my record of the Gaylord lineage in the Nicolas Gaylord link.

Page updated Oct 31, 2015

William Williamson (b.1778) Descendants
Nicolas Gaylord (c.1510) Descendants