Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trips

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  • 2005 (Temporary Album 'til I get some time, so don't book mark that page) Ethan, Sam, Steve, Lawton, Dave, and Gerry

    Little Indian Sioux up thru East Bay of Loon to Heritage, over to Oyster, through Agnes to Boulder Bay, exit through Moose River.

  • 2003 Ethan, Steve, and Gerry

    Lake One thru Number Lakes to Insula; daytrip to Fishdance pictographs; back to north arm of Hudson; Fire thru Bridge to Rifle; back out thru Lake Two and Lake One to Kawishiwi Lodge


  • 2002 Family/The Trio

    Moose River to Agnes; daytrip to Rocky Pictographs; thru Boulder Bay to the 320r into Iron; daytrips to Beartrap River on Peterson Bay and to Rebecca Falls; Dark-Rush-Fox to Stuart; exit Stuart River.

  • 2001 - CPC High School Retreat/The Trio

    Little Indian Sioux to Lynx; thru Oyster to Agnes; Dahgren River to Stuart; Fox-Rush-Dark to Iron; the 320 thru LLC, Boulder River to Agnes; exit Moose River.

  • 2000 - Parkers/Ann/Cindy/The Trio

    Island River to Isabella River to Quadga; to west end of Bald Eagle Lake; thru Gabbro to Kawishiwi R., over to Lake Two, back to Lake One, exit Lake One Landing.

  • 1999 Spaldings/Jennifer/Lovelady's/The Trio

    Moose River to Boulder Bay; LLC thru Bottle Portage to Iron Lake; Beartrap River to Thunder Lake; daytrip to Angleworm; Gun, Fairy, Boot, Fourtown to Horse; daytrip Horse River to Crooked pictographs; exit to Mudro.

  • 1997 Ernie/Mike/Mark/Charlie/ Eric/The Trio

    Little Indian Sioux to Lynx; on through Oyster to Gebeonequet; Pocket Creek to LLC below Warrior Hill; through Bottle Portage to Iron; 320 back into LLC to Agnes; exit Moose River.


"The Trio" - Dave, Julio, Gerry



Sunset on Agnes Lake. July 2002




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