Baked Stuffed Irish Potatoes

Baked Stuffed Irish Potatoes

Select medium size Idaho baking potatoes.

Set oven to 350 degrees

Scrub potatoes well, rinse, drain, and dry.

Rub skin with oil or fat.

Place in preheated oven, bake about 1 hour. Potatoes are done with they feel soft when squeezed gently. To squeeze them, protect fingers with folded paper towel. Long, slow baking helps give the potatoes a dry, mealy texture.

As soon as potatoes are done, cut into half lengthwise and scoop out the inside.

Mash the insides, adding hot milk, butter, and seasoning. Beat until fluffy, and then heap into the potato shells. (Any suggestions on quantities of each and type of seasoning? Much variability available here.)

Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Heat at 400 degrees about 10 minutes, and serve hot.

Assuming the “seasonings” contain no gluten products, and the butter is pure with no gluten-adding additives, this is a gluten-free side item.

Recipe card had “Donna Williamson” on it.


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